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Rogue DPS and Warrior Tank/DPS

Hello,my friend and I have been looking to join a guild after recently re-rolling on Auchindoun. We are both ex-hardcore players, and we've played WoW from the very beginning in every expansion and completed all endgame content apart from Catacly...
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Anything shaman - Fatalsugar

Greetings, Defenders of Valor!So, I just came back to WoW after having taken a break for a few months and noticed that my old guild is completely dead - no one had logged in pretty much since I left. Inspired by this freedom of guildlessness, I th...
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Application Justijn - Unholy Death Knight

Hello everyone,I was looking for a nice and mature raiding guild when I saw at the forum of Auchindoun / Dunemaul / Jaedenar that you were looking for people. Lucky for me, the spot of the dk was open. So here I'm trying to get into this guild :)...
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Applecation kempeh frost mage

Character Information:Hello i'm Kempeh (coen Irl) i'm 24 years old and im from Holland- class: I've been playing Mage since 4 Months before Tbc released, Currently my spec is frost but willing to respec to anything that might optimalize my dps , ...
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Character Information:Name: Chevoo Class: Hunter, Rouge, Shaman.Preferred Role: In my hunter I play MM as PvE and Survival for PvP, Rogue always play combo, Shaman I do play it as Resto sometime ele Professions: Alchemy/HerbalismGear: Armory Page...
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WW/MW Monk

- in-game name: "Devas" currently on frostmane- class Monk- prefered role / talent-build (willing to respecc?): WW is my prefered role, if absolutely needed to change spec i would do it for the greater good of the guild.- prefered off-specc: MW mi...
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Resto shaman- Bonik

- in-game name: Bonik - frostmane. ofc i will change realm- class: Shaman- prefered role / talent-build (willing to respecc?) : Resto, and i have ele as offspec. (will not respec to ench)- prefered off-specc: Ele- professions: alch and herb- gear ...
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Hunter - Donttargetme

Character Information:- in-game name: Donttargetme- class: Hunter- prefered role / talent-build (willing to respecc?) Marksman and survival but can play what you want me to :)- prefered off-specc- professions: jewelcrafting and enginering- gear (l...
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Ginger panda

The ingame information - in-game name: Roschar - class: Monk - prefered role / talent-build : Tank / dps - professions Alc + Inscription - gear - Warcraft log: https://www.warcraft...
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Prot warrior/ Elemental Shaman

Character Information:- in-game name:Goldorin (main) / Bömba (alt)- class:Warrior Tank / Shaman Elemental- prefered role / talent-build (willing to respect?)Prot / can be arms and fury/ Shaman can be dps and healer.- prefered off-speccWarrior, dps...
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The aplly :)

I i am romanian (7/7 on norm xp hc 6/7 best try on imperator hc 3% :( ) i have 655 ilv pve and 675ilv pvp (i am young but i am serious on raid i learn here and know the tactic). Now just waiting for your choice :)
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Protection Warrior - Ztils

Character Information:- in-game name Ztilz is the current name of the character if there will be a transfer to you guys it might change ^^- class A lovely warrior - prefered role / talent-build (willing to respecc?) Protecion really lov...
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100 Holy/Disc Priest application

*Personal info*First name: GrantAge: 23Country: Scotland (UK)*Wow info*Armory link: Armory LinkOffspec?: Offspec is always disc. I play the priest to be a healer so i play both healing specs. Why i am applying?: I am applying to Defenders of Valo...
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(Shadow) Priest - Lethien

Character Information:Name: LethienClass: PriestPreferred Role: Shadow (willing to respec; the main reason I want to try shadow is because I have raiding experience as a healer and a tank but not as a DPS)Preferred Offspec: Not sure what the curre...
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A very casual Druid application

Hi DoV!My name's Moritz, my Nickname online is Rhynunton (used to be Saros), I'm 24 years old and I've been a member of DoV before (back in the old days, aka. Vanilla). I was wondering if there's a spot open for a casual druid.I'm not really plann...
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Elemental Shaman - Hellwisp

I just transfered from Ragnaros because Auchindoun is more balanced.I'm going to give all the required information required by you and add some personal comments.-Hellwisp - this is my alias anywhere on the net.-Shaman-Elemental ilvl 542 with some...
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Mage Application

Character infoCharacter Name : AnachyCharacter Class/Race: Mage / GnomeCharacter Talent Spec: Frost / Fire I am very willing to respecCharacter WoWArmory Link : and reason y...
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Lantash - Shaman extraordinaire at yer service

Hello there.My name is Dennis. I'm a 26 year old male (duh) living in a smaller town south of Stockholm. Here I work... Alot. But still not quite so much I can't squeeze in a little raiding. Which I haven't done in quite a while! Suuure LFR and al...
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Liani - Druid Application

Hello and good day everyone.My name is Josh and I am 18, and I am not good at applications so bear with me!Well I have not had the most experience with raiding at high level in WoW I would like to change that, I love the WoW and I love being a par...
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Tiburon Frost Mage Application

Character infoCharacter Name : TiburonCharacter Class/Race: Mage / HumanCharacter Talent Spec: Frost / Fire I am very willing to respec based off encounter/ current patch best.Character WoWArmory Link :
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