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Healer Application :)

Hey, guys My name is Angell i'm from greece. I'm 25 years old and player since late 2006. i moved in (Auchindoun) late 2014 cause of my friend's but they stop playing.well i'm interest to have guild that i can raid with on upcoming spec is...
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Deathlynurse guild application

Hi there,I'm Deathlynurse (rl Abby) and i'm 22 years old, living in the Netherlands. I wish to join your guild for social/wod raiding. Its also possible to join with other classes/roles if needed. My current professions are enchanting and engineer...
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Guild Application

Hello, my name is Richard and I am 22 years old, I am a educated personal trainer and a nutritionist. I also have a three years old education behind computer science, programming, webdesign etc...On my spare time I work out a lot. I love to cook, ...
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Shaman Application "Shamanista"

Hey guys,My name is Karim Kamperman i'm 22 years old. I've been playing WoW on and off for a couple of years up until now.Ive just graduated Uni in the U.S and am back in Europe. I live in Germany and enjoy playing Rugby its like my real life batt...
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Nevershields - Disc Priest Application

Hello All,Who am i?My name is Mike, I am 24 years old. I am currently active whenever I can play but will be available around the guilds routine. I am a security guard and play football for a semi proffesional team in my spare time :D once asked a...
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Skyblade, mage application

HelloMy main char name is Skyblade -i play mage as i stated. I m 29 year old guy from Croatia. I m working during day till around 17-18.00pm. There are some days when i need to stay overtime on job because of projects but that will be known in ad...
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Merksi fomerly known as Merkava

Hello guys, it’s the bearcat!I guess most of you know me, I have been around for a while, but for those who do not, this is me: I am 34 years old, and I live in Trondheim Norway. I work as a computer technician at one of the local enthusiast store...
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Myrahs Shadow Priest Apply

Real name: BrendaAge: 25Character Name - MyrahsClass - Priest Level - 90Spec - Shadow PriestGear - former experienceI have start playing WoW in the middle of TBC, i played more of...
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Sinnsyk - Apllication - Raiding 6.0. - Warlock

Hello Dov. My name is Thomas and i am from Norway (Fredrikstad - Ostfold)First of all it didnt look like u need Warlocks for Raiding in 6.0? but annyway i give it a try!.Im a quiet, kind person maybe little wierd :P I am 28 years old, living with ...
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Dienna - The Priest Application

Hey people :) This be me, Tore. A 28 year old boy from Norway, located alonge the southeastern border close to cheap meats and awsome workout sups <3 So yes, im abit of a controversial gamer. I usually only consider myself as a WoWer, becaus...
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Theodín - Holy Paladin

Name : Theodín Game : World of Warcraft Server : EU - English - Auchindoun Level : 90 Gender : Male Faction : Alliance Race : Human Class : Paladin Spec 1 : Holy Spec 2 : Prot Prof1: AlchemyProf2: J/CWow Armory :
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Estamuylocax Restoration Druid

Hi there :)Character Information:I recently came back to the game after a break and started playing again since Siege of Orgrimmar came out, since then I've successfully pugged normal content but I'm currently looking for stability which in turn m...
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Guardian Druid Azphir

Hey guys, my name is Loui, aim 23 years old and i enjoy using all my spare time on raiding.Iam looking for a guild with great progression and a nice community.atm i have 1/14 on HC as Guardian Druid. right now aim in my tank gear with feral reforg...
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Apply Råbiffen

{deleted post} Råbiffen wrote:Character Information: - in-game name: Råbiffen - class: Tank specialist:D prefered role / talent-build (willing to respecc?): Tank ofc but have decent dps gear not update but some parts from soo:D prefere...
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[PROT WARR] - Whõ's Application

Character Information:- in-game name:Whõ- class; Warrior- prefered role / talent-build (willing to respecc?) Prot - armory me for build- prefered off-speccnone- professionsBS and Mining- gear (link to a profile-page showing your PvE-gear. Please t...
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Pocahontaz Mage Application

Character Information:- in-game name : Pocahontaz- class : Mage - prefered role / talent-build (willing to respecc?) : I play Frost at the moment but I can respecc if necessary!- prefered off-specc : I dont really know, Doesnt matter.- professions...
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Application Hunter-Ondin

Character Information:- in-game name Ondin- class Hunter- prefered role / talent-build Survival/Bm- professions JC/LW- gear WWS, WoL or WMO report(s) of your recent raid(s) on yo...
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Hello,I have now after 2 months of ingame issues, with FPS drops lag etc, finallu got the pieces toghether, and wanna start fresh in a stabil Guild.Im no Guild jumper, so here we go:Character Information:- in-game name: Razermoon- class: Paladin...
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Melancolie Disc/ Shadow priest

Character Information:- in-game name Melancolie- class Priest- prefered role / talent-build (willing to respecc?) can play all 3 priest speccs- prefered off-specc doesent matter - professions Enchanting / enginering- gear (link to a profile-page s...
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Approved - Disc healer !

Character Information: - in-game nameMegaheels - classPriest - prefered role / talent-build (willing to respecc?)Healer / disc - prefered off-speccHoly - professionsmining and enchanting - gear (link to a profile-page showing your PvE-gear. Please...
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