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Approved - Atomos Hunter Application

Personal InformationName: PedroAge: 26Nationality: PortugueseLocation: Lisbon,Portugal.I guess I can tell I am a normal person. I am balanced, with a positive attitude towards most aspects of life. Because of this I think I am a relaxed person wh...
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Approved - Brewmaster monk application

Charater name: GréxClass: MonkCharater name: GréxClass: MonkMain Spec: BrewmasterOff Spec: N/A - Will take what ever the guild needs at this point, have more experience as mistweaver.Proffesion: Engineering/Alchemy both maxed.Armory: http://eu.bat...
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Approved - Application - Vailo , Mage

Hi there!My name is Vailo, or Niels in real life. I'm 21 years old and I'm from the Netherlands.The reason I'm looking for another raid guild is because Stayin Alive their raid team disbanded and wasn't able to recover anymore, thus I went looking...
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Approved - Censored - Pandaren Rogue

Hello DoV! Application regarding: of all let me just link a song which is the opposite of me, but I still like it, as it shows me what not to become! -
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Declined - shadow priest application next content raid

Char name : Neotrix main shadow offspec holyprefer to play shadow because its my best role and've been playing it for a couple of years, i also don't mind to help with healing in the end its all good for the progress.professions : Leatherworking a...
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Approved - Asspen - Dwarf - Death knight Application

Character info In-Game name: AsspenClass: Death knight Role: Blood specc ( Tank ) My gear in my offspec Is not the best but I could respecc if you dont need's me as tank!Prefered Offspec: I prefer to play Tank all the time Because I've done that s...
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Approved - Artium's application

Hello, I am Taylor or ingame I am known as Artium.- Character Information -Ingame name - Artium.ArmoryClass - Hunter.Specialization - I currently play BM although I am happy to switch to what ever is needed or is strongest.Professions - I am 600 i...
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Declined - Taiz - Human Rogue - Guild Application

Personal Information:Name : Nikola Country: SerbiaAge : 26Gender : MaleCharacter InformationHuman Rogue Assassination (PVE) / Sub (PVP) Warrior Arms (PVP) , working on tank spe...
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Declined - Starscreeam - Warlock

Evening fellas!Personal stuff about me!My name is Lucas.23 year old dude from Sweden.Lives in the middle of this lovely country.Im working usually as a chef, but atm im unemployed.So the only thing i do is more or less playing games.I'am a pretty ...
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Declined - Aikgahne - Prot Pally Apply!

Aikgahne - Paladin - Prot - Tank - 498 ilvlHello guys i once had a mage in cataclysm who had almost fully HC cleared. But i got hacked and now i can't access it anymore (long time ago) so i did quit World of Warcraft for a while. But... NOW IM BAC...
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deleted application

Edit by chuck: Incase you are wondering the original app is hereHi,To be honest, you wrote very very little. What you did write is interesting though. Could you expand a lil bit? We are all a lil lazy but ur not giving us enough to make a good dec...
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Declined - Apply Råbiffen

Character Information: - in-game name: Råbiffen - class: Fury/arms Warrior depends what mode im in itemlevel 538-539 - prefered role / talent-build (willing to respecc?): i prefer dps ofc but have 530 tank gear with 4 parts dps gear still farming ...
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