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World of Warcraft

I enjoyed raiding with you guys!

I didn't had time to say goodbye, but while i was raiding with you guys finally i got my answer from the guild i wanted to join, i didn't care about the achiv's or gear or what so ever, although i really appreciate it i could of make them with the...
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Myrahs3272Small Goldnspirit 3y
World of Warcraft

Petbattle Trainers and you.

As there are some people asking the same questions, I will make a table of which pets you can easily 2petboost vs most of the "important" trainers out there. The basic route displayed here, will take you through pandaria in 20 to 40 minutes depend...
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Thechucknorr10488Small Thechucknorr 3y
World of Warcraft

Just a temporary vid thread - Thok - Spoils
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Hura1137Small Hura 3y
World of Warcraft

Gj on Twins :)

Good job on the kill, damn I miss raiding... I shall be back in about 10 days and ready!
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Hura2226Small Roschar 4y
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