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Thechucknorr / Jul 13, 2017

Bonus Event

[With realm restarts in each region] Players who have obtained different raid lockouts are now able to group together and queue for Black Temple Timewalking.
Dungeons and Raids

The Tomb of Sargeras
World Quest
Dresanoth is no longer invisible and can be engaged while his World Quest is active.
Mistress Sassz'ine
Fixed a bug that caused the loot window to prematurely close itself.
Sisters of the Moon
Moontalon is now spawned less often on all difficulties.
Fallen Avatar
Frost Mages’ Comet Storm should no longer fail to deal full damage when cast on Fallen Avatar.
Wailing Reflections created from Guardian Druids will no longer dual wield.
Player versus Player

Fixed a bug where Comet Storm would not work when cast on players.
Purge’s mana cost has been reduced by 20%.

The Wyrmtongue Disguise from Lingering Wyrmtongue Essence should no longer break when leaving combat.

July 11



Fixed a bug that caused Atonement to increase damage buffs on pets more than intended.
Dungeons and Raids

The Tomb of Sargeras
Fallen Avatar
[With realm restarts in each region] On Mythic difficulty, 5 Shadowy Blades now spawn (was 7).
Player versus Player

[With realm restarts in each region] Many toys can again be used in Battlegrounds.
PvP template Intellect increased by 3%.
PvP template Mana regeneration reduced by 10%.
Way of the Crane's mana cost increased by 25%.
Template Intellect increased by 3%.
PvP template Mana Regeneration reduced by 10%.
The absorb from Earthen Shield Totem is now affected by Dampening.
PvP template Mana regeneration reduced by 10%.
Earth Shield's internal cooldown increased to 1 second (was 0.5 seconds).
Earth Shield's cooldown increased to 6 seconds (was 5 seconds).
Thechucknorr / Jun 30, 2017

“Sometimes the hand of fate must be forced…”

Welcome to the Patch 7.3 Public Test Realm! After the events on the Broken Shore and inside the Tomb of Sargeras raid (no spoilers!), it’s time to take the fight directly to the Legion’s home world of Argus. We’re really excited about this update, and are looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback as we head into public testing.

Most (but not all) of the new stuff in 7.3 takes place on Argus—and as you might expect, this is hostile territory. Demons patrol every crag of Argus’s shattered surface, and sometimes it seems as if the planet itself is out to get you. This will be a very story-driven update, but we’re also designing areas with sandbox elements intended to be enjoyed even after you complete the main quest, with gameplay and challenges on the planet’s surface reminiscent of past endgame areas such as the Molten Front, the Isle of Thunder, and the Timeless Isle.

One of the first things you’ll encounter to help you navigate the Legion’s home turf is the Vindicaar: a vessel that will serve as your mobile base of operations—and one of your few safe havens—on Argus. Aside from giving you direct access to a number of 7.3’s new features, the Vindicaar will also be your primary method of transport behind enemy lines. Argus is a no-fly zone, similar to the Isle of Thunder, so to help make sure it’s still easy to get around, the Vindicaar will give you access to an extensive network of teleportation hubs (similar to flight paths, but without the travel time).

There are three main areas to explore on the planet, the first of which is available for testing on the PTR today!

Also in this first build are the first couple of chapters of the 7.3 storyline, and some new and improved casting animations for Restoration Druids, Elemental and Restoration Shaman, Discipline and Holy Priests, and all three Mage specializations (and yes, that includes Arcane Missiles). As with previous patches, player feedback is very important to us as we work to update these animations, so we’re really looking forward to hearing what you think.

(Note: Shadow Priest animation updates are also on the way for 7.3, but aren’t working yet in this build. In fact, some spells are likely to have no animations at all right now. That’s only temporary while we finish getting the new animations ready for PTR testing.)

Other major content that’s contained in Patch 7.3 but not yet complete in this build includes:
Further chapters of the Argus storyline, including many cinematic story moments
New World Quests
Professions updates, including epic gems
The Netherlight Crucible, which allows you to upgrade your Artifact to unlock a new way to customize your Relics
New dungeon: Seat of the Triumvirate
New raid: Antorus, the Burning Throne (though as with other Legion raids, it won’t be released immediately with 7.3)
Invasion Points, a new type of replayable content that let you fight the Legion on multiple different worlds
Several other improvements and updates to existing features

As the PTR process continues, we’ll provide updates with each build on what’s new. Thanks, and happy testing!
Thechucknorr / Mar 26, 2017
Taken from here
With the release of Patch 7.2, we’re increasing the difficulty of (and rewards from) Mythic Keystone Dungeons. To help you prepare, we’d like to provide some clarity on what those changes entail.

After Patch 7.2 has been released, the minimum item level of the rewards found in the end-of-run chests will be as follows:
Mythic 2-3: 870
Mythic 4-5: 875
Mythic 6-7: 880
Mythic 8-9: 885
Mythic 10+: 890

(Note: bosses in Mythic Dungeons run with no Keystone active will drop item level 865 gear.)

The minimum item level of the rewards in the weekly Challenger’s Bounty chest (found in your Order Hall) will be based on the highest difficulty Mythic Keystone dungeon you cleared that week, as follows:
Mythic 2: 875
Mythic 3: 880
Mythic 4: 885
Mythic 5: 890
Mythic 6: 890
Mythic 7: 895
Mythic 8: 895
Mythic 9: 900
Mythic 10+: 905

So, if you clear a Mythic dungeon using a level 6 Keystone after the patch is released, you’ll see gear of at least item level 880 at the end of the run, and will get a piece of gear with an item level of at least 890 in your weekly chest. Keep in mind that the difficulty of the dungeons themselves is increasing to match these rewards.

As we transition from Patch 7.1.5 to Patch 7.2, you’ll get a lower-level Keystone with the reset this week than you may otherwise be expecting. This is due to the increase in difficulty of these dungeons in Patch 7.2. For example, if you completed a level 9 Keystone in patch 7.1.5 and then were given the usual level 6 Keystone next week, that’d actually be an increase in difficulty. To avoid this, we’re making these adjustments for this week only to reduce the level of Keystone you receive based on what you’ve completed this week:

Mythic 2-8: level 2 Keystone
Mythic 9-10: level 3
Mythic 11: level 4
Mythic 12: level 5
Mythic 13-14: level 6
Mythic 15: level 7
(each difficulty level above 15 increases next week’s Keystone level by 1)

As to the gear you’ll find in your weekly chest, its item level will still be based on the highest dungeon you complete this week, but the rewards will be based on the new 7.2 scaling. To put it more directly: completing a Keystone dungeon of difficulty 10 or higher this week will result in a reward with a minimum item level of 905 in your next weekly chest, which is the current maximum reward in Patch 7.2.

We hope this helps clear the air on what you can expect from Mythic Keystone dungeons next week, as well as what you’ll find waiting for you in your Challenger’s Bounty chest. Good luck!
Goldnspirit / Feb 18, 2017

Let's pack our bags and leave that not so high populated realm.
Tomorrow, Sunday 19th, after raid we will move Defenders of Valor to Ravencrest (PvP).

Everyone is welcome to follow ofcourse. Remember to empty your mail box and that you can only carry 250k gold on each character.

And once again, cross realm raiding, aka you don't want to move but still want to raid with us, WON'T happen!

Cya on the other side!
Goldnspirit / Dec 15, 2016


the usual X-mas break is starting bit ealier this year for us.
So there won't be any official raids for the next weeks.
We plan to have our next raid on January 11th 2017 and hope to see ramped up signups again in the upcoming raids on the road to Nighthold!!!

For now I wish you all a (early) Merry Christmas and some nice holidays!