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Goldnspirit / Nov 18, 2018
It's been quite silent here over the last weeks, but we are still around.
The silence is mostly caused by our discord channel Dov@discord where all the communication happens atm.

However for people who still like to browse the world wide web we have a small status update.

Since we had Uldir HC on farm and a few mythic kills at the first two bosses our raid roster shrunk a bit. We are not at all happy with the situation, but it's the usual progress of gaming and especially mmos these days.
Some people saw what they wanted to see, others moved on to a full time mythic guild or didn't fell comfortable with the state of the game atm.

However we are still farming Uldir HC, mostly one day per week, cause it is enough time to clear the whole instance, IF the setup allows.
And the IF is the problem here. Cause of the smaller raid roster we lack key roles often and have to take randoms, which in the end slows down the raid and kills all the fun if things aren't working.

So we are looking for new recruits, especially tanks and healers. But all classes are welcome. If you are insterested, don't hesitate whispering an officer or visit us on discord.

And this shall not only be for Uldir HC farm raids, it's also a preparation for the upcoming raid in 8.1.

On one hand it's quite bad that it's still roughly 2 months till that new raid goes live, but it's also a chance to be prepared for it with a once again strengthend raiding team.

So let's make the best out of it and have some good times ingame and in the upcoming xmas season.

DoV Officers

Tautvydas#2702 ; Twalot#2916 ; GhostDragon#237293 ; Goldnspirit#2157
Goldnspirit / Jul 08, 2018
Update 07.08.2018:

So things starting to develop and we have some new stuff to announce:

First of, there won't be any coop raids with Crescent Moon Alliance.
Instead they will join us and we will have sort of a guild merge in DoV!

Some of them are here already. Yami, their former GM, is part of our officer team together with one of their former officers.
In the next days the rest of their active raiders should follow them.
We all hope things will work out nicely and are looking forward to a nice lvling experience in BfA and to our first raids.

So raids. I told you before that we will use the ingame calendar and forums for raid signups.
Now this has slightly changed, we will only use the INGAME calendar.

Also our main activity outside of the game will change from using the guild homepage to a full use of discord.
There will be a shout box on discord like we have here and there are quite a lot chat channels too.
For example, if you can't make it to a raid and you want to tell others about, please log on discord an leave a message. There are also android and ios apps for discord, which work really well.

As a reminder, the DoV main channel is:

However, I won't shut down the guild homepage.
It's free to use and people can still use it to post pictures, videos and stuff. Also the shout box on forums will still be here :)

Our focus will be on 2 raid days, Wednesday and Thursday. Starting at 20:00 realm time.
A 3rd raid day will be on Mondays, but this won't be used for progress raids mostly.
Instead there will be room here for socials, alts and hopefully for new trial candidates to give them a first shot and to check if they fit into the team.

Together with our new people from Crescent Moon Alliance we should have a solid raid force from start on. Tank departement could be bit better, but we are not 100% sure yet, who will return for BfA and who not.

That's it for now. I'll keep this news updated, if there will be somthing new to tell.


Original News:

Prepatch for next expansion is around the corner and it's just 5 weeks till Battle for Azeroth (or azerith?) goes live.
The expansion itself will add new features to the game and the officer team with the help of our favorite gnome is planning a few changes for the guild.

Let me start with getting new and hopefully some more player into the guild.
In the past we made use of applications here on our forums. This won't be the case any longer.
Most people who are looking for a (casual) guild don't want to put much effort and time in the joining process. Because of that they don't even bother to check a guild webside out when you tell them that they have to make a written application.

From here on someone who is interested in joining us can talk to an officer about it and his intentions in DoV.
If (s)he just want a spot as social for being part in a nice community (s)he can get a social spot right away. If it turns out that this player is a total douche he will get kicked again.
People who want to join the guild for a raid spot will be invited as trial and we will test them out in raid enviorment. They will get promoted if we have the right feeling about them or, if they suck, they will get offered a spot as social.

Next change for the new expansion is signing up for raids.
We got asked often why we are not using the ingame calendar instead of the forums calendar for raid signups. Well, both systems has its pros and contras. Forum calendar is handy when you can't get online and wants to change your status for a raid for example. Ingame calendar is easier to handle cause it's just one click away when your online.

To make it short, we will run with both systems. There will be the forum calendar where you can sign up for raids as usual and leave a message etc, and there will be ingame calendar events.
If it turns out that people only use the ingame events we might even drop the forum signups at all.

Another topic is voicec chat.
We won't use Teamspeak anylonger and are changing to Discord.
The DoV channel is:

Guild Bank:
We want to provide food for the raids again on a regular base. Therfor we need people to contribute raw materials or cooked food.
So please throw your not needed stuff into the guild vault instead of vendoring or selling it on the AH.

Now to the main topic, raiding:
Like in Legion we want to focus on HC raids. Simply cause we don't know if we will have or ever get to constant 20 players for regular mythic raids.
So that's not a change from what we had in the past expansion.
The new part is that we most likely will team up with another guild for raids. This guild is Crescent Moon Alliance.

It's a small guild with around the same amount of raiders and equal aims for raiding. The guild is run by Yami, a former DoV member.
Rakarth joined their monday HC Antorus raids some months ago and over the last weeks a good handfull of our people followed.
It's a friendly atmosphere in those raids and we got to know each other little better quite fast. So the idea of teaming up for raids in the future came up.

What was clear from start on for both sides was that we are not looking for a full guild merge. That might change at a later point, but noone knows.
But we want to use the new Community feature that comes with BfA. If you want to know more about it, check: BfA Communities

It's also unsure atm, if we will have merged raids from start on in BfA. If both guilds have enough player to fill a raid on their own, it's very likely that every guild will have their own raid for 2 days a week and we only merge on a 3rd raiding day. It all depends how many raiders each guild will have. AND which role those people want to play.
It's also possible that we can run MYTHIC raids together, but again it depends on the members in each guild.

If some of you are already sure what he/she will play in Battle for Azeroth, feel free to give a hint to Rakarth. He is making a list of players.

For the upcoming weeks that HC Anotrus raid on Monday, 20:00 server time, continues. Be online at raid time and feel free to join.