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About Defenders of Valor

Former on EU-Al'Akir,
now on EU-Auchindoun!

If you are interested in joining Defenders of Valor, please read all of the below information carefully.


- Make your app readable
- Make your app personal.
- Relevant information.
- Don't sugarcoat bullshit or use generic bla blas.

Raid Times:

Wednesday, Thursday and Monday 20:00 to 23:00.

Please note that exceptional applications are always welcome. In the case we are full, we will keep (good) applications for at least one month and remember about them once there are free spots again. Also, truly great applicants may be able to get in even if a class is listed as

What does Defenders of Valor offer?

-We have been around since 2003 - we are established and stable as a rock.
-Experienced and fair officer team. Our guild is well organized and our leaders are making decisions in an objective and considerate way - nobody is deciding anything alone.
-Being WoW-raiders of the first hour, we are very strong in the PvE-department and always participating in exploring the cutting-edge content. We are progress-minded and do not tolerate slacking.
-Despite being successful at raiding, our members do have a life and we like it that way. No raid-extensions till sunrise at working days or similar activities that require you to give up your job or significant other.
-Great community: We aren't just a collection of people that only play for raiding. Particularly because of our long history , there's a wide variety of people besides just raiders in the guild and we are much like a big family. For the same reason, our members are very mature, tolerant and fun to play with.

What are the requirements for joining Defenders of Valor?

Character Requirements:
You are suffiecently gearwd for raids
High, enduring and stable raid-activity:
You are able to join 2+ raids a week without significant AFK-breaks. Generally, you are very reliable and we can count on you to be there when you are needed.
Stable and reliable connection/hardware.
Preparing for raids. This entails proper enchant/gems, consumables (flask, pots, and food).


You are at least 18 years old*.
You are able to understand, write and speak English.
You have TeamSpeak3.
You are interested in a long term membership in Defenders of Valor.


You enjoy raiding and do it for fun, rather than personal gain. You possess high team-spirit.
You are skilled at playing your class, competitive as a player and you want to experience the most difficult challenges the game has to offer for a guild.
You are always well-prepared for raids, bringing sufficient consumables and informing yourself as needed.
You are stress-resistant and willing to wipe on difficult encounters for hours and days if required.
You are able to follow orders, you can take constructive criticism and you are always trying to improve your performance.
The ability to "think out of the box" and understanding of game-mechanics that don't directly concern you (e.g. understanding how healing works even though you play a pure DPS class) is a huge plus.

Which information should I provide in my application?

The following points should only provide an idea about which basic information you should include in your application - come up with an own application style to show us what kind of player you are. As a rule of thumb, the longer an application, the better - do not produce quantity over quality, though. We do read all applications fully and we do like to read proper sentences rather than "short and to the point" (in fact, most people use this phrase as an excuse to be lazy) checklists.

Information you should post in your application include, but are not limited to:

Character Information:
- In-game name and battle tag
- Class
- Prefered role / talent-build (willing to respecc?)
- Prefered off-specc
- Gear (link to a profile-page showing your PvE-gear. Please tell us how good your off-spec gear is)
- WWS, WoL or WMO report(s) of your recent raid(s) on your main character
- Alts and your plans concerning those characters

Personal Information:
- Age
- Playing-times / expected activity and how your activity will develop in the future because of real life plans
- Further real-life information are not required, but as we are a quite social guild.

- How long you've been playing World of Warcraft
- Past guilds (Why did you leave them / Why did you get kicked?) and any special positions you held (e.g. officer, webmaster, main tank, ...)
Why DoV?
- Explain to us why you want to join Defenders of Valor and what you expect
- List all contacts / friends you have the guild

Ultimately, it always comes down to the question "Why should we take you and not someone else?"; Be creative and convince us! We enjoy entertaining and funny applications, so do not hesitate to think out of the box and add some jokes, special formating or stories to your application; You do not have to be all serious, but you have to show us you are intelligent.

Do I have to go through some kind of trial-period after joining?
Yes. After joining, you will have the rank of initiate member for about one month (this period can be extended under certain conditions, e.g. if real life issues has forced your activity to be to low). During your trial, we expect you to show that you are a mature and pleasant person. The officers will make decide whether or not to promote you based on this trial period.

Everybody gets a fair chance to show their abilities and no trial member is "left alone". In fact, we often tend to bring trials a lot in the beginning to get a good impression of their performance, but naturally trials will sometimes not be getting into the hardest raids right away (experience/gear issues in that case - do offer your assistance though). It is our aim to have new recruits assisting with the hardest encounters within a few weeks, if not immediately.

How fast will you answer my application?
Crap applications will receive an answer right away.

If your application is at least somewhat reasonable, we will most likely discuss (and decide about) it at an officer-meeting. We hold officer-meetings infrequently whenever there is a need to hold one, so don't expect a very fast answer. If you want to annoy our officers and reduce your chance to join to about zero then please start harassing us with "How is my application going?!?"-question right at the first week already. We will contact you when we made a decission or need further information.
You don't have to be a rocket surgeon to get this.
(unless you are rakarth, then all hope is lost anyways)
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