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#12666718 Aug 29, 2016 at 07:09 PM
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Im TB, a 24 year old Norwegian "hunter". I use umlaut because I just recently started playing hunter, and through every expansion I have had different classes and roles.
As a hunter I have most experience with MM, but i have no problems with changing my specc if that is needed. Neither do i have a problem with changing class if needed. I consider myself best at DPS or healing.

My current ilvl is ca 710, but that has little meaning seeing how Legion launches in 5 hours!!

WOD is the expansion I have played the least. In every earlier expansion I have seen most of the content, and atleast tried all difficulties.

I have alts of all classes, but i tend to focus most on one character. As I mentioned earlier, I can be a healer, DPS or tank without a problem. The only class I have yet to play is Munk.

Irl I work full time and play only in the evening. How much depends alot, but I would say an average of 1-6 hours a day, maybe more in weekends.

I started playing world of warcraft a few months after launch, and have played it on and off since. My mains were rogue in vanilla and tbc, warrior/dk in Wotlk, paladin in cata, pala/dk in panda, and dk in the start of wod, before I now will end wods last few hours as a hunter. :)

Other than WoW i play CS:GO, HS and HoTs mostly. I also like watching movies and TV series.

My previous guild (i cannot remember the name) was with irl friends, and when i came back 1 year later they were not playing there anymore, and that is why I want to join Defenders of Valor.

I'm not sure what i expect from the guild. What i picture is 20+ players ready for raids and fun, and an extreme joy over defeating new bosses, and progress as a whole. That is why I want to raid again in Legion.

You should pick me because I'm flexible in my role, I am good in my roles, and I help out if anyone wants me to. And hopefully I can do the 1% extra dmg that downs Gul'dan (it must be him that we are to kill, right?)

I am looking forward to a positive answer. And if not, gl hf in Legion!! :)
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#12666756 Aug 29, 2016 at 07:21 PM
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Thanks Tb for applying!

We spoke already ingame, so i'm glad u made it here :)
Officer team and a mean owl will decide whenever u can join or not.
Stay put and check forum.

Greetz, Rak
In the end, We only regret the chanches we didn't take.
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