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#12742128 Sep 27, 2016 at 08:08 PM
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Hej DoV

armory link
bat tag : redfalcon#2515

first name : Darek
age: 29
country: poland
ppl i know in guild : loomi ( played with him in one guild 4 years on al'akir from early tbc on my mage :herbatnik and druid wiedzmin) ; rivenash (long story)

So before everyone goes mental on my application over my lack of experience in Pooplords of Draenor, here is my explanation:
- I just returned to world of warcraft 2 months ago, after being away from the game for about 1 year. I have zero experience with HFC mythic raiding.( still done some mythics in early dreanor). I am currently doing my best to get the best upgrades from Mythic dungeons, world bosses, PUG raids and professions, but a lot of it comes down to luck.
I'd like to consider myself an investment for the guild. I have over 600 days played in wow ( over 100 as shaman) ive played all characters , all spec - many like, many. my love from teh start are mage( fire) , resto druid and shammy ( resto) - that is my first "alt" atm
I do however expect to get the opportunity to prove my worth :)
I have a strong desire to improve; not only my own, but also others performance, and I think the guild would benefit from this. I am humble, and take criticism well. I know that a lot of things have changed since my glory days of Pandaria, so I am prepared (and expect) to have my socks rocked in terms of changes to the game.
I play both as a resto and ele dps. I have a lot of high end raid experience playing both specs. I am willing to play either, depending on what the guild needs but can rly show something as resto due new legion legendary mechanism
I have raided with several top realm guilds ( coldforged on al'akir, immersion, determination on Auchindoun as resto shammy, mage and druid)
Guild im atm ( determination) colapsed - allmost all ppl left in summer time - so im looking for new home and I am looking for people who love to play that amazing game
Cos i have ( due my age) some other irl ...... im not looking for hard-core guild ( like before) but guild with stable roster with mature players with no personal drama in chat and raids . I still wanna play with fun
to know about what blizz offers to us but with no real push to be first in the world :)
Still a massive World of Warcraft nerd here, so yep, I can be there 100% of the time! . So for sure you can catch me for wq, mythics and all others we have on the dish.

Thanks for your time reading this above. I hope we can talk soon in DoV guild chat

Lostin ( Darek)

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#12742358 Sep 27, 2016 at 09:45 PM
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Hi there we will have a quick chit-chat and be back to u soon //Mike
I'll answer to nobody !!
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#12742425 Sep 27, 2016 at 10:11 PM
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Herbatnik rings a bell :)
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#12743549 Sep 28, 2016 at 10:01 AM
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#12742425 Goldnspirit wrote:

Herbatnik rings a bell :)

same here ;) anyways whisper a officer for a spot in our team and cya online //Mike
I'll answer to nobody !!
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