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#12803728 Oct 24, 2016 at 04:53 AM
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Hello everyone.

Character info:

Mainspec: Retribution. willing to change talents: of course, as per encounter requirements.
Offspec: Protection.
858 ilvl equipped gear. All 3 elite traits unlocked, artifact knowledge 10.
armory link:
professions: BS+ Engi.
some recent(ish) logs:

only other character at 110 is Leontine, 550 Fury warrior.
Then I got shaman, hunter, priest, druid, DK at 100. Leveling druid now and shaman next, for Herbalism and Alchemy.

Personal info:

RL name: Lukas/Luke
Age: 32
Country: Czech Republic
Playing times: Hi, I checked your raiding days, and I will be able to maintain 75% attendance. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend raids for 1 week each month - because of my work, I have to do afternoon shift once a month, and I come home around 23 o'clock during that week. So I would miss 3 out of 12 raids every month. I work as a planner+dispatcher in a big logistics company.


Alright, I've been playing WoW since TBC, so 8 or 9 years? Way too long anyway :)
I started raiding in Wotlk with Naxx 10+25m.
Originally I mained a hunter - from TBC until Ulduar hardmodes. Then I swapped to my Ret, who has been my main since.
From Wotlk till the end of MoP I raided hardcore - I cleared every raid at the highest available difficulty.
Some highlights: Naxx Undying run. Glory of Ulduar raider without overgearing. TotGC Tribute to Insanity multiple runs. Sinestra 25m. Ragnaros HC 10m. Madness of Deathwing 25. MoP: Cutting edge: Lei-Shen, Ra-Den, Grand Empress. HC/Mythic Garrosh multiple kills.
From Warlords onwards I stopped aiming for Mythic, nowadays I am perfectly happy with Heroic raids and M+ dungeons.

Raid experience in Legion so far: 7/7 normal, 7/7 heroic, and eager to earn more!

Experience from other MMORPGs: during the SoO and WoD content droughts I took multiple breaks from WoW. I have max. lvl characters in: Rift (did semi-hardcore raiding as a cleric there), Star Wars the Old Republic ( 3 max. level chars. done a lot of hardmode raids) and Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward (max. lvl Dragoon/Dark Knight, just did casual raiding there)

My last guild: "Fierce" on our sever cluster. Reason for leaving: unpleasant guild atmosphere + being excluded from guild activities. If you require more info I can give it, but I don't like badmouthing former guildies, even if it has made me pretty miserable recently.

Why I wish to join DoV: I wish to find a new home in an active, friendly raiding guild, to continue progressing in raids, and hopefully to find a group for some serious Mythic+ dungeon progress. I don't have any friends in DoV (yet!) but ofc I have seen you guys around, I've been on Auchindoun since Cata.
If you have any further questions, I will happily answer.

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#12803985 Oct 24, 2016 at 09:04 AM
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thanks for your fine application, they are quite rare these days.
We will discuss it and give you an answer soon™

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#12807118 Oct 25, 2016 at 04:34 PM
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Hi there and welcome to the force, whisper a officer for a invite and sign up for the run tomorrow if u can participate //Cheers Mike
I'll answer to nobody !!
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