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#13644774 Feb 08, 2018 at 11:18 AM
Character Information:
- In-game name and battle tag - Cress (Trioxide#2290)
- Class - Paladin
- Prefered role / talent-build (willing to respecc?) Protection (Willing to respec or reroll)
- Prefered off-specc - Holy
- Gear - Freshly boosted Paladin so no proper gear right now, gearing in progress.
- In regards to logs the old logs I had are lost as I stopped playing the game just after Nighthold. My old guilds logs have also been removed.
- Alts and your plans concerning those characters - As stated happy to reroll to any sort of Tank or Healer based on the needs of the team

Personal Information:
- Age - 22
- Playing-times / expected activity and how your activity will develop in the future because of real life plans - Finishing my masters degree, I have an offer for full time employment or a PhD and so will either be studying or working. This should not impact my time to play in the evenings including both raid and private playing time.

- How long you've been playing World of Warcraft - Started in 2007
- Past guilds (Why did you leave them / Why did you get kicked?) and any special positions you held (e.g. officer, webmaster, main tank, ...) I've been in a few guilds however the key one for me to mention is Time and Tide on Darkmoon Faire/Earthern Ring. There were two teams in this guild progress and casual. I was a member of the healing team on a MW monk. From first starting WOW I always wanted a realm first. I was a member of the realm first mythic Xavius kill. I have experienced up to Nighthold on HC and a few mythic kills in ToV and Nighthold. The reason I left was due to the workload of my masters degree. I am applying to you now with intentions to work and play from Easter onwards as my work load should decrease.
Why DoV?
- Explain to us why you want to join Defenders of Valor and what you expect - I want to join because the guild is clearly well established. The members who I have spoken to are very friendly. I feel like my skill level would complement the guilds. As stated throughout I am willing to reroll to a Tank or Healer of any class which the guild requires. This could be discussed before BFA when your roster is set and peoples rerolls have occurred. I am looking for progress, whilst I am not looking to grind and burn out on clearing mythic asap. I have aspirations to just progress through the content with a fun team, with whom I can grow and learn with. What I'd expect from DoV is a friendly, patient atmosphere of players who are both fun but also willing to go above and beyond for eachother. I try to be knowledgeable about encounters and classes and where appropriate I would speak up if I needed clarification or had an idea which could potentially help the raid team. Overall I am just looking for a new home for my characters, while also making friends, having fun and raiding.
Thank you for taking time to read this application.

Armory links
Cress (Paladin) -
Welena (MW Monk) -
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#13646725 Feb 08, 2018 at 07:29 PM
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thanks for your application.
You are welcome to join, another tank is always nice to have.

But please be aware that we are not raiding much atm. It's the usual end of expansion experience everyone is going through and so do we.
We are clearing Antorus hc weekly atm, but that's it. Usually it happens on Wednesday at 20:00 server time.
Once you upgraded your gear you would be welcome to join those raids.

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