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#13717737 Apr 01, 2018 at 11:16 PM
Character Information:
- In-game name and battle tag
- Krauzar; Battle Tag- MoonMan1488#2961
- Class-Warrior
- Prefered role / talent-build (willing to respecc?)-DPS/Arms I can respec to furry but I have no gear for furry
- Prefered off-specc-Furry(I have no gear for furry, I played Arms for almost al of the expansion)
- Gear (link to a profile-page showing your PvE-gear. Please tell us how good your off-spec gear is)-
- WWS, WoL or WMO report(s) of your recent raid(s) on your main character- I have not raided seriously since Nighthold so I have no logs and even then I did not log anything
- Alts and your plans concerning those characters- I have a max level DH,Priest,DK,Hunter,Rogue and I am on my way to level every class to 110.As for my intention , for now They I just level them for fun.I may play some of them a little bit more seriously in BFA but my main is always will be a warrior.

Personal Information:
- Age-
- Playing-times / expected activity and how your activity will develop in the future because of real life plans- I am on my way to finish my education so I can play as regularly as I can except for 3 to 4 days at the beginning of june and july
- Further real-life information are not required, but as we are a quite social guild Nothing special about me.I grew up playing video games and watching late 80s and 90s movies.And played football all the time.

- How long you've been playing World of Warcraft-
I played since late BC,around march-april 2008
- Past guilds (Why did you leave them / Why did you get kicked?) and any special positions you held (e.g. officer, webmaster, main tank, ...) On my old server, Stormscale I was in a horde guild called Megalomania.The reason I left is because I wanted to play alliance just because I could not stand how transmog looked on horde character models.I held no position of relevance in that guild.
Why DoV?
- Explain to us why you want to join Defenders of Valor and what you expect-
I looked up for guilds on Ravencrest on wowprogress and found your guild's description to my liking. As for what I expect- a welcoming community, a relaxed raiding scene that can clear up to heroic( Live is too short to devout my life to mythic progress but still if mythic is going to be tried by the guild I might join up)
- List all contacts / friends you have the guild- I don't know anybody from the guld
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#13718522 Apr 02, 2018 at 02:47 PM
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Hello and thanks for your application.
It's quite rare to get a written app these days, even if you "only" used our template ;)

We are always open for more people, but to be fair our activity ingame is bit low atm.
It's the usual end of expansion stuff happening. We are clearing HC Antorus once per week atm and trying to get a mythic raid going, if we have enough people interested in it. But that's it for the moment.
It will change once new content kick in for sure.

Your raiding experience on your warrior is bit low, But you said you played horde before. Got any more Legion raiding experience on another char maybe?
Also your ilvl could be bit a little bit higher for smooth HC runs. But that can be fixed.
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#13718690 Apr 02, 2018 at 07:39 PM
Thank you for the quick reply :) . My main from the beginning of Legion to summer of last year was a warlock. I did EN,Nighthold and a little bit of TOS but that place sucked the life out of me also I really wanted to play a warrior again so I decided to start fresh and I switched to Ally. At the beginning of Legion I started a Masters degree and I could not commit to serious raiding because I had to be in another city for a couple of months at a time with only a shitty laptop that can barely run anything,thankfully that's over now and I could commit more time being in a guild. I don't expect to get right away raids but being in a guild is so much better than to pug everything, pugging is just painful.
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#13719093 Apr 03, 2018 at 05:08 AM
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I do aprove of the fact that you left the horde because of the bad transmogs. :P Big pluss points right there
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#13719184 Apr 03, 2018 at 07:32 AM
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All right. We can give you a trial spot.
Feel free to whisper an officer online to get an invite.

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