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Junrei parting ways with DoV

Hey everybody. I'm sorry to tell you that I have decided to leave DoV. I don't see Raid B getting revived any time soon, and besides, I think I have showed much more dedication than some other members and having to pug a tank and a healer in 1 nig...
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Junrei9792Small Gina 4y
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Ahoy Mateys.

So... Im considering coming back for the next expansion. At least on a casual basis. Yesterday cata was added to my battle chest so Im contemplating returning right now and doing some casual lvling as my char is still 80. My main question is if an...
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Junesun6522Member avatar small Junesun 4y
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Artium Leaving

Hey guys,I wanted to make this thread to tell everybody why I'm leaving etc.I know I'm only a trial and me leaving is really no big deal for most of you but I enjoyed my little over a month here and you all helped me and overall were just nice peo...
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Artium7643Small Gréx 4y
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Raid b is missing some ppl tonight!

anyone sign please to raid B please we need some dps! and hope grex sign and auti . please sign
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Megaheels1184Member avatar small Megaheels 4y
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Junrei - Enhancement Shaman Application

Character Information: Junrei level 90 Enhancement shaman on Auchindoun EU (PVP) with strong Restoration offspec and good gear. Sadly this is a quite new character so I didn't really level a profession yet, but I'm thinking of getting something be...
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Junrei8615Small Thechucknorr 4y
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