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Goldnspirit / Feb 18, 2017

Let's pack our bags and leave that not so high populated realm.
Tomorrow, Sunday 19th, after raid we will move Defenders of Valor to Ravencrest (PvP).

Everyone is welcome to follow ofcourse. Remember to empty your mail box and that you can only carry 250k gold on each character.

And once again, cross realm raiding, aka you don't want to move but still want to raid with us, WON'T happen!

Cya on the other side!
Goldnspirit / Dec 15, 2016


the usual X-mas break is starting bit ealier this year for us.
So there won't be any official raids for the next weeks.
We plan to have our next raid on January 11th 2017 and hope to see ramped up signups again in the upcoming raids on the road to Nighthold!!!

For now I wish you all a (early) Merry Christmas and some nice holidays!