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Pre 8.1 Update *Recruitment*

Goldnspirit / Nov 18, 2018
It's been quite silent here over the last weeks, but we are still around.
The silence is mostly caused by our discord channel Dov@discord where all the communication happens atm.

However for people who still like to browse the world wide web we have a small status update.

Since we had Uldir HC on farm and a few mythic kills at the first two bosses our raid roster shrunk a bit. We are not at all happy with the situation, but it's the usual progress of gaming and especially mmos these days.
Some people saw what they wanted to see, others moved on to a full time mythic guild or didn't fell comfortable with the state of the game atm.

However we are still farming Uldir HC, mostly one day per week, cause it is enough time to clear the whole instance, IF the setup allows.
And the IF is the problem here. Cause of the smaller raid roster we lack key roles often and have to take randoms, which in the end slows down the raid and kills all the fun if things aren't working.

So we are looking for new recruits, especially tanks and healers. But all classes are welcome. If you are insterested, don't hesitate whispering an officer or visit us on discord.

And this shall not only be for Uldir HC farm raids, it's also a preparation for the upcoming raid in 8.1.

On one hand it's quite bad that it's still roughly 2 months till that new raid goes live, but it's also a chance to be prepared for it with a once again strengthend raiding team.

So let's make the best out of it and have some good times ingame and in the upcoming xmas season.

DoV Officers

Tautvydas#2702 ; Twalot#2916 ; GhostDragon#237293 ; Goldnspirit#2157


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