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Aleexx / Apr 17, 2015
Finally the Blackrock warlord went down for us. A few struggles, mostly because of our small group, made this very hard for us. After the buff to smaller groups, it didn't take us long to make him bend over and take the beating he had coming for him.
I went a little wannabe Wengy :D Gotta shape up my paint skillz.

Goldnspirit / May 03, 2014

After a lot of frustrating wipes we finally got our stuff together and cleaned those 4 rooms of loot...erm trash boxes!
I have to admit, it's an interesting encounter on HC mode. Not that much to do tactic wise, but a hell of fine tuning until both sides are equal.

One last thing:
Special thanks going to Roschar, our Ginger Panda, for doing a great job as raid leader over the last months!!!
Roschar / Mar 31, 2014

Finally we found someone who had a tank off spec! With our epic skills the shamans went down on the first evening and in the first 1 hour of tries.
Even though we were plagued by static on TS, we were rewarded with a new kill and the old man of the guild finally got a neat transmog set!

Job well done!